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How to make love - Ancient Chinese Sex Secrets reveals………..

In this article, we are going to reveal the secrets from Seven harms and Eight benefits 七损八益, and the Iron Crotch  铁 裆功 technique.

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Chinese Sex Secrets - Seven harms and Eight benefits

Hua Di Nei Jing , a medicinal book written more than 2000 years ago is still considered a must read by the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioners.  The concept of Seven harms and Eight benefits ( How to make love - ancient Chinese sex secrets) in sexual relationship as a form of healthy living was first mentioned in the book; but nobody knew the details of this concept until a bamboo journal was unearthed in the tomb of king Ma in Chang Sha (1974) that quickly demystified this important concept.

 How to make love - Ancient Chinese Sex Secrets reveals

The seven harms are:

  • 1.      Closure – pains caused by crude and rash acts during intercourse will make the internal organs ill.
  • 2.       Leakage – cold sweat symptoms experienced during intercourse as a result the essence of life i.e. Jing and Qi are leaking out unnecessarily.
  • 3.       Exhaustion –indulge in excessive sex life.
  • 4.       No –strong urge to have sex but have erectile problems.
  • 5.       Agitation – feel fidgety during the act.
  • 6.       Impasse – having sex without the partner’s agreement will cause more harm to the unwilling party, especially the female counterpart.
  • 7.       Wastage – too fast; un-conducive environment and beneficial to neither party.

The eight benefits are:

1.       Cultivate Qi – After getting up from the bed, one must do exercise to straighten the back bone, relax the back portion, and do exercise to contract the anus, so that the inner Qi can be guided to travel downward.

2.       Swallow saliva – to constantly swallow one’s saliva and to ensure one’s breath is smooth and steady.

3.       Knowing the right time to make love– must smooch each other, and have foreplay until both have the urge to make love.

4.       Accumulate Qi – while making love, both must learn to relax the back and contract the anus.

5.       The love making act cannot be too forceful; it must be gentle and slow.

6.       The male must slow down his penertration; pause and let the female fully experience the pleasure.

7.       When the female almost experiences climax, the male must bend his back. After ejaculation, the male should not withdraw immediately.

8.       The penis must be pulled out before it is completely soften; and both parties must wash their private parts after the sex play.

In short, How to make love - the ancient Chinese sex secrets revealed in the Hua Di Nei Jing are:

  • Both parties must be arouse adequately.
  • Don’t make love when one party is unwilling.
  • Washing after the sex play and;
  • Sex life must be moderate.

Even today, Chinese still choose to follow their ancestor’s advice as the advice revealed is not only hygienic, it also promotes a healthy life style.For many years, TCM doctors believe number seven is a special feature of female physiology. Two times seven equals to fourteen; the age most girls will have their first menses. Seven times seven equals to forty nine, the age when most women will experience menopause.

TCM doctors also believe number eight is a special feature of male physiology.  Two times eight equals to sixteen, the age most boys will have sperms.  Eight times eight equals to sixty four; the age most men stop producing sperms. If we don't follow the advice (aka ancient Chinese sex secrets), by the time we are forty years old, our physiological functions will reduce by halve. We will be very weak when we reach fifty. By the time we are in our sixties, we are unable to hear and see properly.

If we heel the advice, we will still be strong when we are old.  We will be living happily.  Our skins will be smooth and tender.  We will still be agile and not suffering from sweaty and asthmatic diseases.

Chinese Sex Secrets - Iron Crotch technique

Many schools of Iron Crotch technique have been teaching this skill secretly in China for generations now. Simple put Iron Crotch technique is a form of Genital massage to improve blood circulation as well as its functionality. 

The skill can be practised before you sleep or just after you get up from bed. For those who are considered healthy and fit, they may practise the skill regularly.  For those who are not unhealthy or weak, they are advised to limit it to 1-3 times a week – and only do it when they are not unduly tired or in better physical condition, otherwise it may be harmful to their health.

This is how it is done:

Either stand up or lie flat.  Relax and concentrate on the outer part of the sex organ.  Put your left hand on the belly button. Use your right hand to lift the testicle.  Gently and slowly use your right fingers to massage them for 200 times.  Then change your hand, right hand on the belly button, and left hand  lift the testicle and left fingers to massage for another 200 times.  

Use your right hand then left hand to massage the area between anus and testicle for 100 times.

Place your left hand on the center of the belly button and massage it anti-clockwise 100 times; then use your right hand to massage it clockwise 100 times.

It is normal to have an erection during this exercise, so just ignore it.

Never associate this exercise with sex, just think of it as a form of massage; it is never a form of masturbation

From modern medical point of view, Iron Crotch technique will improve the blood circulation around the genital organ and help it to remain in tip-top condition.  It is a form of exercise to keep us in good physical conditions.

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